Remembering to Wake Up

When you’re in a dream, the craziest things can happen and you don’t stop to question it. You might walk into your kitchen and notice pink fish falling from the ceiling and proceed to make breakfast as if it were any other day. You accept it as part of the landscape of reality. To become lucid in a dream, you have to learn how to recognize these triggers and indicators that reality is not as […]

Tips for Understanding Your Habits and Addictions

(The photos used in this post were taken in Prague and Vienna)   Most people would like to think that they make their own choices. But how many times have you intended to spend a productive afternoon, only to find that it’s 9 pm and you’ve done nothing but open Reddit that day? How often have you pledged to eat a clean and healthy diet only to buy candy bars soon after? It seems as […]

Summer Lessons from Peru

I’ve been away for a while for a few different reasons. While in Peru, the internet was awful, I got a new computer without all my photos on it, and whenever I did have the opportunity to start a new blog post, it just didn’t feel like something I wanted to do. There were a lot of lessons to learn in Peru, most of which will take a lifetime to fully absorb, so perhaps, I […]

10 Good Reasons to Visit the Sacred Valley in Peru

This year has felt as though it’s been leading up to this trip to Peru. A Peruvian friend suggested that we fly into Cusco, since it’s central to a lot of what people come to Peru to see (Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, ruins, and more). We looked the place up and it seemed amazing, so we booked an apartment for three weeks. Here’s a photo from the Historical Center in Cusco:     After […]

Majesty and Misery at Lake Atitlan (PHOTO POST)

We arrived at Guatemala’s famous lake almost two weeks ago and were astounded by its beauty. Before coming, I read that everyone who comes here feels the magic of the lake, and after experiencing the place myself, I’m definitely a believer.     But this trip to the lake has been equal parts wonderful and awful. I have a spider phobia and read, after already booking the place for a week, that the hostel we […]

My Meditation Challenge and Guatemala, part 2

It’s Friday again, so here I am with my weekly update. We are still in Xela, Guatemala, which is the second largest city in Guatemala. We’ll be staying in this city for one more week and then moving on. The next stop is Lake Atitlan, which Aldous Huxley calls the most beautiful lake in the world. This place is a volcanic lake with Mayan villages. Throughout this post, I will put some pictures from walking around […]

Guatemalan Cemetery (PHOTO POST)

I have always had a thing for cemeteries, finding them peaceful and beautiful, but the Cementerio General in Xela, Guatemala is something else entirely. This is one of the most unique places I’ve ever been.                                        

My Meditation Challenge and Guatemala

In the last couple of days, I have felt overwhelmed by five different writing projects I need to do (and related tasks), along with planning travels, getting over a sickness, and more. I was having a hard time thinking about what to make this post about and almost didn’t even write it. Then, I realized that that is how all slacking off starts, so here I am. Yesterday, we left Cancun to fly to Guatemala. […]

Interview with an Investor

My friend Jon (also known as IJesusChrist) is knowledgeable enough about investing to get asked to write articles about it, and get sent gifts and money for what he does. He’s also really smart, so if you’re interested in getting started with investing, you should listen to what he has to say about it!   What made you want to get into investing? I originally got into investing in 2008. We had the financial crisis […]

Boredom, the Gate to Potential

Boredom is something that most of us try to avoid at all costs. Perhaps, for you, this means endlessly scrolling through news articles on your lunch break, or checking your Facebook for the 24th time even when you know nothing new or actually interesting will be there. It could be playing computer games or having another beer just because you can’t think of anything better to do. Yesterday, I turned on my computer to check […]